Transform Your Supporters
into Advocates

Introducing Stump:
A Platform for Political Advocacy

Share Your Message. Help Great Causes.

Stump is an online political advocacy platform where campaigns, political and civic movements (known as Sponsors) transform supporters into advocates by publishing relevant, impactful content. Advocates can then share that content on social media.

Once Advocates have shared, they're prompted to select from a group of charities. Sponsors then make a donation to that charity as way of saying "thank you" for their continued support.

As Advocates’ sharing helps spread the word among their peers, Stump provides political movements the tools to widen their reach and help project their voice - all while helping people give back.

How Stump Works

Stump brings word-of-mouth value to the political publishers and the people.


Candidates and committees publish sponsored content to the Stump Platform.


Stump Advocates engage and share their choice of sponsored content through social media.


Advocates earn money to be donated to the charity of their choice.

Traditional media is dead. Long live digital.

Stump is the digital voice for political and civic movements, leveraging technology and money for effective change.

With massive spending for traditional media buys resulting in insignificant returns with minimal participation and low turnouts, Stump's advocacy platform is the modern solution.

Spend on measurable results, not obsolete and antiquated models.